Succeeding at the Piano, Lesson and Technique Book - Preparatory (with CD)


The Preparatory level Lesson and Technique Book provides students with material that is uniquely balanced musically and pedagogically, while providing a perfect introduction to the piano by laying a strong foundation to build upon. Reading, rhythm, technique, theory, ear training, playing by ear, music history, composition, and wonderful music by multiple composers are seamlessly integrated for a well-balanced music curriculum. Some of the concepts covered in the Preparatory level Lesson and Technique Book include: a natural and perfect hand position; a steady beat; pre-reading and staff reading of notes from Bass C to Treble G; Guide Notes Bass F, Middle C, and Treble G; quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes; intervals of a 2nd to a 5th; repeat sign; forte and piano dynamics; two-note slurs; phrases; 8va; tie; Middle C and C position. In addition to these concepts students learn six basic techniques in this level: 1.) Finger, hand, and arm position, correct body alignment, posture, and a general well-being at the piano 2.)The feeling of arm weight - being able to feel the arm letting go and relaxing 3.)Flexible wrists 4.Two-note slurs 5.)Weight transfer from one finger to the next 6.)Rotation in the hands, wrists, and arms The CD for the Lesson and Technique Book is innovative as well as educational. Students learn how to form correct practice habits from the very beginning as well as have the opportunity to play many of the pieces with a string quartet accompaniment (two violins, viola, and cello), recorded live!