Slavic Dance


Piano Solo by Elaine Lebar

Early Intermediate

Slavic Dance is based on the modal scale patterns associated with music of Eastern European folk dances. All dance music requires a precise rhythm and the 3/4 beat of Slavic Dance is constant and unrelenting, except for tempo changes signifying the end or beginning of an episode. Purpose: This is an opportunity for intermediate students to use keyboard skills they have developed during their elementary piano study: facility in playing scale patterns (Major, minor, chromatic), arpeggios and other broken chord patterns, dynamic balance between the hands and the general use of dynamics to bring a musical selection to life. Suggestions for Instruction: Students should develop techniques to best utilize practice time and effort: isolate and practice technical areas, (such as measures 42 and 43); analyze any music melodically, harmonically, rhythmically, and in form; listen for key changes and dynamic subtleties. Slavic Dance can contribute to this facet of musical education. Key: Dm, FM, DM 5 p.