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Certified Used Vertical Pianos – Quality Affordable Pianos put through rigorous condition checklist – Graves Piano & Organ Co. in Cleveland, OH also includes FULL WARRANTY and LIFETIME FULL TRADE-UP GUARANTEE on all the pianos we sell. Call or Visit us today.

Graves Certified Used Upright Pianos

Looking for a gently used upright piano? Graves has used upright pianos at sales prices as well as “do-it-yourself” and “as-is” specials. We also offer you top-quality used Steinway upright pianos, used Baldwin pianos, Acrosonic pianos, spinet pianos, starter pianos, low-priced pianos, American pianos, Asian pianos, and used Kawai pianos and used Yamaha pianos! Call us now for help at 614-847-4322.

Graves offers Piano Financing. Take advantage of our simple, Zero-Down, 9.99% Fixed APR Programs. Terms from 1-10 Years. No prepayment penalties.

Due to our huge used upright piano inventory and rapidly changing selection, we have used upright pianos for sale that may not be listed here yet or might be sold! This is only a FEATURED INVENTORY SELECTION.

Call us for immediate piano sales help: (614) 847-4322

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10 Reasons to Buy a Graves Used Upright Piano

  1. Every piano checked for tuning stability and tuned to Concert A440 pitch
  2. The plate is cleaned, checked for cracks and areas of weakness
  3. Actions lubricated, balanced for smooth & even playing
  4. Soundboard checked for cracks, breaks or imperfections
  5. Bridges and bridge pins checked for rattles, cracks, and disconnects
  6. Strings are checked for tensile strength, and for danger of weakness/brittleness
  7. Exterior cleaned, conditioned, and in some cases, refinished
  8. Pedals stress-tested, repaired and adjusted
  9. Graves Full Warranty ranging from 1-10 years
  10. Lifetime Full Trade-Up Guarantee!

Make the intelligent buying choice and buy from a reputable and respected local piano dealer like Graves Piano Company. Give yourself and/or your child the best chance of musical success, enjoyment, and pride of ownership. Call Graves Piano Stores now at 614-847-4322!

  • Astin-Weight Console Piano
    Astin-Weight Console Piano
    Or only $32/month
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    Beautiful console piano. Priced to move. Sale ...
  • Baldwin Acrosonic #1
    Baldwin Acrosonic #1
    Or only $37/month
    More Details
    Baldwin Acrosonic in great condition. A wonderful ...
  • Baldwin Console Piano #2
    Baldwin Console Piano #2
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  • Baldwin Howard Spinet Piano
    Baldwin Howard Spinet Piano
    Price Coming Soon
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    Built in Ohio, USA! Can't go wrong with Baldwin, ...
  • Baldwin Model 667 Piano
    Baldwin Model 667 Piano
    Or only $39/month
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    Beautiful, like-new Baldwin Model 667 Oak Piano ...
  • Baldwin Oak Console
    Baldwin Oak Console
    Or only $39/month
    More Details
    Beautiful Oak Baldwin Console piano in wonderful ...
  • Baldwin Piano #2
    Baldwin Piano #2
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  • Baldwin Spinet Piano #2
    Baldwin Spinet Piano #2
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    Perfect little piano for a beginner, or those ...
  • Baldwin Vintage Style Piano – SOLD
    Baldwin Vintage Style Piano – SOLD
    $2,420.00 $1,750.00
    More Details
    Really cool vintage-style Baldwin upright piano. ...
  • C. Bechstein Upright Piano – SOLD
    C. Bechstein Upright Piano – SOLD
    Or only $245/month
    More Details
    This is a 52" professional upright piano by C. ...
  • Charles Walter Model 1520 Piano
    Charles Walter Model 1520 Piano
    Or only $72/month
    More Details
    Rare find! One of America's finest piano ...
  • Chickering Console Piano
    Chickering Console Piano
    Or only $31/month
    More Details
    Chickering was one of the finest American piano ...
  • Conn Console Piano
    Conn Console Piano
    Price Coming Soon
    More Details
    Excellent starter piano. American-made. Clean ...
  • Hyundai Stylish Studio Piano
    Hyundai Stylish Studio Piano
    Or only $37/month
    More Details
    Model U828. Hyundai Development Company is a huge ...
  • Kawai 505F Piano
    Kawai 505F Piano
    Or only $37/month
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  • Kawai 803-T Console Piano
    Kawai 803-T Console Piano
    Or only $32/month
    More Details
    Gorgeous piano, very well cared for by its ...