Royal Conservatory Celebration Series - Piano Repertoire (2015) - Level 6


The Piano Repertoire books provide a representative collection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and contemporary style periods. These volumes are the ultimate resource for examinations, recitals, festivals, competitions, auditions, and personal enjoyment.

About Celebration Series!

Celebration Series, is a comprehensive series of Repertoire and Etudes for piano presenting a well-rounded collection of music from the Baroque era to the present day. Featuring an outstanding spectrum of piano literature, each book includes high quality recordings to inspire practice and performance. Celebration Series, 2015 Edition provides teachers and students with a thoroughly engaging and pedagogically sound collection of teaching materials.

List A: Baroque Repertoire
Prelude in C Minor, BWV 999 Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Les Carillons Composed by Johann Philipp Kirnberger
Aria in G Major Composed by Georg Philipp Telemann
Little Prelude in E Minor, BWV 941 Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Sarabande In D Minor Composed by George Frideric Handel
Burlesca in D Major Composed by Johann Ludwig Krebs
Sonata in A Major, K 83 Composed by Domenico Scarlatti
As Swift As a Deer Composed by Daniel Gottlob Turk
List B: Classical and Classical-style Repertoire
Sonatina No. 3 in A Minor Composed by Georg Anton Benda
Sonatina in D Major, op. 12, no. 1 (I) Composed by James Hook
Sonatina in G Major, op. 55, no. 2 (I) Composed by Friedrich Kuhlau
Rondo in C Major Composed by Jacob Schmitt
Sonatina in F Major, op. 168, no. 1 (III: Rondo) Composed by Anton Diabelli
Sonatina in G Major, op. 19/20, no. 1 (I, II: Rondo) Composed by Jan Ladislav Dussek
List C: Romantic, 20th-, and 21st-century Repertoire
Sentimental Waltz, op. 50, no. 13 Composed by Franz Schubert
Mignon, Op. 68, No. 35 Composed by Robert Schumann
Prelude in C Minor Composed by Charles Francois Gounod
On the Lake, op. 77, no. 12 Composed by Heinrich Hofmann
Song of the Cavalry, op. 27, no. 29 Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky
Gentle Breeze Composed by Joanne Bender
Happy Time Jazz Composed by Martha Mier
Spanish, op. 55, no. 5 Composed by Agathe Backer-Grøndahl
Winter's Northern Scene Composed by Jean Coulthard
Zigzag Composed by Dennis Alexander
Secrets, Op. 25, No. 5 Composed by Amy Marcy Beach
Prelude No. 2 Composed by Srul Irving Glick
Kangaroo, op. 2, no. 1 Composed by George Fiala
Douglas Firs Composed by Stephen Chatman

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