The Festival Collection - Preparatory


The Festival Collection, Preparatory is the first book available in the nine-volume Festival Collection series. To be used before The Festival Collection, Book 1, students will have the opportunity to get their first experiences with genuine repertoire by composers such as: Couperin; J.C. Bach; Berens; Köhler; and new originals by FJH composers Timothy Brown, Mary Leaf, and more. This book covers the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th/21st Centuries, with additional information about the pieces and composers as well as full performance recordings available for streaming.

Table of Contents:
  • Dance at the Village Square (Leaf)
  • Lightning Strike! (Brown)
  • Peacock (Roubos)
  • Having Fun on My Pogo Stick (Rahbee)
  • Going on a Road Trip (Kohler)
  • Busy at Work (Berens)
  • Mermaid, Op. 823, No. 13 (Czerny)
  • In a Hot Air Balloon (Berens)
  • Two Penguins (Beyer)
  • At Play (Brown)
  • Saturday Afternoon Walk (Turk)
  • Lively Boy (Turk)
  • Buying Potatoes (Reinagle)
  • Day in the Country (Reinagle)
  • Elegant Dance (Reinagle)
  • Running the Race (Bach, J.C.)
  • March (Turk)
  • Follow the Leader (Playford)
  • Merry Dance (Couperin)
  • Bagpipe (Unknown)