The Complete Chopin: Nocturne Op. 9, No.2 (Edition Peters)


The Complete Chopin — A New Critical Edition from Edition Peters is firmly established as the most important ongoing scholarly edition of Chopin's music and is a must for any discerning pianist. The world's foremost Chopin editors, under Editor-in-chief John Rink, bring their unrivalled collective knowledge to imbue the project with unique authority, drawing upon the latest international scholarship. The Complete Chopin prioritizes the needs of the practical pianist and provides a beautifully presented performing text of each work based on a single principal source together with important variants, along with thorough critical commentaries and illuminating prefatory essays in English, French and German.

Chopin's early Nocturne in E-flat major is one of his most popular works. First published in 1832, it has a charming, vocally-inspired melody in the treble with a serenade-like accompaniment in the left hand. Edited by leading Chopin scholar, Christophe Grabowksi, this volume presents two versions of the Nocturne: one based on the most definitive impression of the French first edition released during Chopin's lifetime, the second a pioneering compilation of all the variants to have flowed from Chopin's pen after the work was first completed. This second text allows pianists to create their own versions of the Nocturne by combining variants as they wish, thereby drawing inspiration directly from Chopin's boundless imagination.

  • Edited by leading Chopin scholar, Christophe Grabowksi, as part of the Edition Peters series The Complete Chopin (series editors: John Rink, Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, Jim Samson, Christophe Grabowski).
  • Ground-breaking format, presenting both an Urtext reading and a version with all variants attributable to Chopin, allowing pianists to create their own version.