The 20th Century, Upper Intermediate Level (Hal Leonard Piano Library)


(Schirmer Performance Editions). The 20th Century series presents music by some of the greatest composers of the modern era, composers who wrote a full range of music for orchestra, voices, piano and chamber ensembles, in the great and large forms. But they also valued music education, and composed interesting music to foster a stdent pianist's progress. The pieces by these composers lead a student not only to technical proficiency, but also to become a more fully formed, imaginative musician. When a great talent turns attention to writing a short piece of limited difficulty level for students, it is approached with the same aesthetics, temperament, tastes and creative invention applied when composing a symphony, opera or concerto. These exquisite miniatures are complete works of timeless art. Through them a master musician of the past indirectly teaches a progressing musician of the present and the future. Contents: Barber : Poison Ivy from Fresh from West Chester (Some Jazzings) * Bartok : Bagatelle No. 1 from Fourteen Bagatelles * Bear Dance from Ten Easy Pieces * Joc cu bata (Stick Dance) from Roumanian Folk Dances * Boulanger : D'un vieux jardin (An Old Garden) from Trois morceaux pour piano * Burleigh : On Bended Knees from From the Southland * Dello Joio : Bright from Suite for Piano * Kabalevsky : selections from 30 Pieces for Children , Op. 27: War Dance, Etude in F Major * Khachaturian : Ivan Is Very Busy from Adventures of Ivan * selections from Ten Pieces for the Young Pianist : The Leopard on the Seesaw, Snare Drum * Muczynski : selections from A Summer Journal , Op. 19: Morning Promenade, Park Scene * Pinto : Run, Run! from Scenas Infantas (Memories of Childhood) * Prokofiev : selections from Music for Children , Op. 65: Tarantella, March of the Grasshoppers * Schuman : selections from Three Score Set : Movement I, Movement II, Movement III * Shostakovich : Lyrical Waltz from Dances of the Dolls * Tan : selections from Eight Memories in Watercolor , Op. 1: Staccato Beans, Blue Nun. Schirmer Performance Editions feature composer biographies, historical notes, and practice and performance tips.