Succeeding at the Piano - Lesson and Technique Book - Grade 1B (2nd Edition)


The 2nd edition of Succeeding at the Piano® is here! What's new in the 2nd Edition? Streamlined pacing for optimal comprehension and reinforcement of concepts Easy to play teacher accompaniments and inspiring music throughout In this the joy-filled approach you will love: Terrific motivational music by multiple composers in a wide variety of styles. Essential technique that instills good habits right from the start! Gradually introduced teacher and student-friendly technique teaches correct motions and sound through easy to remember Touch Releases and techniques that promote your students' technical success. The easy to understand reading approach, with combined traditional and intervallic reading. Steps, skips and repeated notes are taught in the Preparatory levels. 4th and 5th intervals are learned in Grade 1A. The musicality, incorporated right from the beginning and reinforced throughout the method. Friendly icons remind students to listen and observe. Effective practice techniques that engage students so they progress smoothly and retain key information. We are delighted with the feedback we received from the pilot teachers and students who just love the 2nd Edition. Now it's time for you to use this method with its strong, high quality pedagogy, excellent technique, and a gradually paced reading.

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