Steinway M, Spirio|r (5'7") in Satin Ebony


At 5' 7" (170 cm) in length, the Model M SPIRIO is the world’s finest high resolution player piano and features a rich tone and responsive action. Called the “Medium” grand, there is nothing medium about the sound from this instrument.  Complimentary iPad® included.

Steinway has called the M their “Studio Grand.”

Though smaller than other models like the O and the A, the Model M still retains a sound that richly fills a home or small venue without being overwhelming.  This is due to its Steinway soundboard.  Its responsive action produces a touch that can engage any style of music.

Because of its more compact size as Steinway’s “Studio Grand,” the Model M has proven itself as a consistent favorite for those needing a somewhat smaller grand piano for the home or small venue.

Choosing the right size of a piano is critical for long term satisfaction with an investment of this significance.  M. Steinert & Sons has been helping satisfied customers in New England for over 160 years decide upon the very best choice of a piano for their needs.

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