Selections from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach: Intermediate Level: Faber and Heath

The perfect introduction to Baroque keyboard music. Contents include: March in D (Helm 1) (C.P.E Bach) • March in G (Helm 1) (C.P.E Bach) • Minuet in C Minor (BWV Anhang 121) (composer unknown) • Minuet in D minor (BWV Anhang 132) (composer unknown) • Minuet in G (Attr. Boehm) • Minuet in G (BWV Anhang 114) (Pezold) • Minuet in G (BWV Anhang 116) (composer unknown) • Minuet in G Minor (BWV Anhang 115) (Pezold) • Musette in D (BWV Anhang 126) (composer unknown) • Polonaise in G minor (BWV Anhang 119) (composer unknown) • Polonaise in G minor (Helm 1) (C.P.E. Bach).