Perfect 10, Bk 2: 10 Winning Solos in 10 Styles, A


A Perfect 10, Book 2, is a collection of solos designed to promote musical excellence for the late elementary to early intermediate-level pianist. Melody has chosen a favorite teaching piece from the four stylistic periods---Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary---and written six original pieces in Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Latin, Ballad, and Showstopper styles. These 10 solos provide students with technical challenges as well as expressive opportunities for musical growth in mood, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, articulation, and dynamics. Students do not have to be an Olympic hopeful to achieve a perfect ""10,"" but they might feel like one as they practice and perform these selections! Titles: Allegro * The Bear * In a Blues Mood * Jazzy Saxophone * Menuet in D Minor * Ragtime on Parade * Vivace * Waltz with Me.