Ibert: Histoires (Roberts)


Jacques Ibert's Histoires, a collection of 10 Impressionistic piano pieces, was written between 1912 and 1922. Most of the pieces were composed during Ibert's years in Rome at the French Academy, and many of the pieces were inspired by the sights seen during his travels to Spain, Italy, and Tunisia. These works are known for the vivid images they evoke and have found a permanent place in the teaching repertoire. The collection has been transcribed for various instruments, including piano duet (one piano, four hands). The complete set is approximately 23 minutes in duration. Titles: I (La meneuse de tortues d'or) * II (Le petit âne blanc) * III (Le vieux mendicant) * IV (A Giddy Girl) * V (Dans la maison triste) * VI (Le palais abandonné) * VII (Bajo la mesa) * VII (La cage de cristal) * IX (La marchande d'eau fraiche) * X (Le cortège de Balkis).

Dr. Wesley Roberts is Professor of Music at Campbellsville University, where he teaches courses in piano, organ, and musicology, and has been a member of the faculty since 1982. He has presented concerts as pianist and organist throughout the United States, in Europe, and in Asia. Roberts is co-author with Maurice Hinson of The Piano in Chamber Ensemble, 2nd Ed. and Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, 4th Ed., and he is a past president of the Kentucky Music Teachers Association.

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