Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist, Part 2 (Keith Snell)

This second set (Nos. 21 to 38) from the 60 piano studies by C. L. Hanon are, along with Part 1, an important part The Virtuoso Pianist. Hanon’s goal: “Preparatory exercises to acquire speed, precision, agility, and strength in the fingers... (and) flexibility of the wrists.” The etudes enable students to focus on playing patterns with a relaxed hand while supporting the fingers with the hands and arms. They also make a wide range of finger patterns easy for pianists to recognize and execute when learning and accomplishing repertoire. Also included with Part 2 are the twelve Major and minor scales, chromatic scales, diminished and dominant 7th chord arpeggios, and two of the most significant exercises from Hanon’s studies, Part 3 – scales in thirds, and chromatic scales in thirds.