Guild Repertoire: Elementary C and D

Guild Repertoire is divided into three levels, Elementary, Intermediate, and Preparatory (Advanced). Each level is divided into four categories: Classics (includes Baroque), Sonatina (Sonata), Romantic, Modern. For this earliest level of Guild Repertoire the editor selected pieces by many well-known writers of children's music and were also able to include some heretofore unknown Soviet and other foreign writers who have provided outstanding material for the young student. Includes: Autumn Song * Barn Dance Shuffle * Bashkir Song * Caprice * Chipmunk’s Lullaby * The Cuckoo * Dance * The Daring Horseman * The Drummer * Elephants Walking * Gadabout Grasshopper * Gavotte * A Gay Waltz * Grandfather’s Dance * Indian Dance * Irish Dance * Irish Washerwoman * Kitten * A Little Story * Minuet * Persistent Motif * Quarrel of Three Chickens * Ride on the Train * Sailor’s Song * A Street Organ * Variations on a Folk Song * Waltz of the Prince and Princess * Whirligig