First Dance


By Rosemary Hughey


Publisher Description: First Dance is a charming waltz-style piece in 3/4 time. Graceful and lilting, it is a musical picture of a father and daughter at her first dance. There are short scale passages in both hands and the melody switches between the right and left hands. Purpose: To give the student a better understanding of the dotted quarter-eighth note combination, to instill the proper fingering for scales in the scale-type passages, and to motivate the student, by providing a charming piece within the elementary level. Suggestions for Instruction: Circle or highlight the appearances of the dotted quarter-eighth note pattern. Practice these by clapping first, then by playing on C, and finally by playing on the correct notes while counting aloud. Learn the music by practicing the hands separately. Perhaps practice half of it at one lesson and then practice the other half the following week. Practice with hands separately until secure, then play with hands together. Key: C Major 3 p.