Chopin: Funeral March from the Piano Sonata in B-flat Minor, Op. 35 (Henle)


This most famous funeral march in music history is part of a piano sonata, the third movement of Chopin's op. 35 Sonata in B flat minor, in which – according to Robert Schumann – Chopin “brought together four of his most deranged children.” It was not long until the Funeral March – which was written two years before the sonata's other movements of the sonata – was removed from this context and performed as an independent piece. This is also how it was heard, in an orchestral version, at Chopin's own funeral in Paris on 30 October 1849. In addition to our edition of the complete op. 35 Piano Sonata (HN 289), we are offering this practical separate issueof the Funeral March in the proven Henle Urtext format.