Burgmuller: 25 Etudes Op. 100: McLean: FJH Classic Edition

Burgmüller s 25 Etudes, Op. 100 has been standard teaching literature since the mid-19th century. This newly edited and engraved edition is both scholarly and visually appealing (many two-page spreads that allow for musical page turns and ease of reading). This is a must for any teacher or student s library. Contents: Candor; Arabesque; Pastorale; The Little Gathering; Innocence; Progress; The Clear Stream; Gracefulness; The Chase; Tender Flower; The Wagtail; The Farewell; Consolation; Styrian Dance; Ballade; Gentle Complaint; Chatterbox; Restlessness; Ave Maria; Tarantella; The Harmony of the Angels; The Gondolier s Song; The Return; The Swallow; The Chivalrous Knight;

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