About Graves Piano Company

In 1960, 21-year-old Paul Graves opened his first piano store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with 30 pianos from Baldwin Piano Company and the determination to succeed. Today, Graves Piano in Columbus, Ohio is a successful national piano and organ dealer that has sold over $215 million in pianos to 49 U.S. States, Canada, and Europe.

In our 20,000 sq/ft landmark showroom, Graves Piano stocks a massive inventory of over 350 upright pianos, grand and baby grand pianos, digital pianos, player pianos and organs and offers you one of the best selections in the world. You’ll also be able to enjoy our world-class Steinway & Sons Selection Hall. Graves also has vintage pianos such as rebuilt German and Austrian pianos, an 1866 Steinway Concert Grand Piano, and dozens of pianos from the WWI and WWII eras.

In addition to our incredible retail showroom, the Graves Used Piano Warehouse stocks 200+ preowned pianos in all shapes, sizes, and finishes in lower price ranges, all fully warranted and inspected. Our Graves CertifiedPianos include a warranty of 5-years parts and labor, minimum.

After delivering your piano, Graves offers you its in-house service staff, always there to back your instrument. All of Graves’s pianos include warranties that are serviceable nationwide as well as a lifetime full trade-up on an upgrade to a new piano! Graves has helped tens of thousands of people buy pianos, and has delivered pianos to 49 U.S. states and internationally. Call us today at (614) 579-6555. We’d love to help you.


Our Mission

The mission of Graves Piano & Organ Company is to help as many individuals and children as we possibly can. By stocking only the highest quality instruments in the world, we ensure that our customers have the best opportunities possible to learn, compose, create and succeed in their musical endeavors. Although we would welcome the chance to be the biggest piano dealer, we feel this would hurt the level of personal, one-on-one customer service we’ve always embraced.


A complete selection of pianos for an easy, hassle-free shopping experience
Friendly, professional and knowledgeable salespeople to make you feel comfortable
Our lifetime full trade-up and an in-house service staff to provide peace of mind
 To always do the right thing. If your piano needs warranty service, or there’s a problem, we’ll fix it. Fast.


Our Team

Graves Piano Sales Staff are friendly, professional, and all world-class experts on pianos. The Graves family of associates are confident and knowledgeable and will help you to make the most comfortable decision that fits both your musical needs and your budget. They’ve had countless hours of training and experience with every aspect of the piano industry – playing, moving, repairs, lessons, university studies, performance – you name it, they’ve all dealt with it!

Our professional piano and keyboard sales staff offers you a combined total of 180 years experience in the piano and organ industry! We’ll assist you in choosing the piano or organ that is right for you. We’re dedicated to making your visit a comfortable, fun and memorable experience.


Institutional Piano Sales Program

Complimentary Analysis of Current Piano Inventory

Graves Piano & Organ Company offers a program designed to help schools, colleges, and universities assess their current piano inventory and create comprehensive long-term plans for piano maintenance and future investment. These informative reports have proven to be invaluable for schools, providing a precise analysis of the entire piano inventory for future reference, or present and future fundraising/purchasing efforts. We can create customized investment plans and also accept all manner of trade-ins as part of these programs.

Join the hundreds of schools that now embrace the All-Steinway School Program. These include renowned institutions such as Juilliard, Oberlin College, University of Cincinnati, Yale, Cleveland Institute of Music and Carnegie Mellon University.

Please contact us right away at 614-847-4322 to speak with our Institutional Piano Sales Team.