Graves Lifetime Full Trade-Up Guarantee

Pioneered by Paul Graves over 45 years ago, we offer you a Lifetime Full Trade-Up with every piano purchased.  If you buy a piano from Graves, new or used, you can trade-up your piano for the full original purchase price towards a more expensive new piano at any time during the LIFETIME of the original owner.

For example, buy a Story & Clark upright, and trade-up to Boston professional upright… You would get full credit for the price of the Story & Clark, you would only pay the difference for your new Boston piano. Then, if you trade-up to a Steinway. Get full credit for the price of the Boston. You only pay the difference. Our exclusive piano trade-up deal will be in effect FOR LIFE from the day you purchase each and every piano from Graves.

Great deals are simple deals, and we make it simple for you to purchase the piano of your dreams. Even if that means eventually.