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About Graves Certified Used Pianos

Graves Piano and Organ Co. is one of the few piano dealers that always maintains a large inventory of quality pre-owned pianos. Including a used upright piano selection, spinets, consoles, baby grands, grands and concert grands, we offer the best selection possible. You will find all world-class brands, including Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai, Kimball, Story and Clark, Knabe and many others.  We also feature beautiful restored and rebuilt used German pianos such as Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Bechstein and Hamburg Steinways!

Buying a Used Piano
A piano is extremely complex, featuring over 14,000 parts and more moving components than a car. No other instrument sustains ~40,000 pounds of constant tension for periods of over 100 years. Since a piano is comprised of thousands of parts there are many things that can be wrong if a piano wasn’t well-maintained by its previous owner.

Though you may feel that you can trust someone you meet out of the classifieds or a local friend/neighbor who has an old piano, you will be taking a great gamble.

Graves rejects at least two to three pianos each week for failing to meet our quality standards. Since you’ll most likely only purchase one piano in your lifetime we feel it’s our duty to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible – peace of mind is a must.

Inspected, Repaired, Certified
Every pre-owned piano we receive is thoroughly inspected, repaired, tested, and tuned to make sure it will perform for years to come. On average it takes roughly 3 weeks for a piano to get through this process. If the piano passes our inspection and meets our quality standards then a full warranty is included along with the Graves Lifetime Full Trade-Up.

Used Grand Pianos

Some of our awesome used grand piano selection! Come check them out or call us today at 1-800-686-4322!

The warehouse at Graves, where all of our pianos are inspected, tested, tuned, approved and certified for your benefit and enjoyment.

Graves Warehouse Vertical Selection

Some of our extensive used vertical piano inventory!  Ready for a new home!